Chairmain Ethical Committee
Dr Rashid Latif Khan
Dr. Khaleeq ur Rehman
Vice President
Dr. Shaheen Zafar
Dr. Tariq Zaman
General Secretary
Dr. Haroon Latif Khan
Finance Secretary
Dr. Yousaf Latif Khan
Joint Secretary
Dr. Ahmad Salman Waris
CRSM Course 2017
Exam was held on
December 9,10 2017
Andro Urology 2017
Fellowship Exam was
held on December 9,10 2017
CRSM Couse 2018
will start in April 2018
Join Us..
PSASM offers its membership to specialists in different disciplines with interest in sexual medicine

PSASM is a society for andrology and sexual medicine. The society was developed due to its immense need for the development of the discipline and for better management of our patients. Today we have its members from all over Pakistan. We had the honor to hold its 1st joint international scientific meeting at PC Hotel Lahore in April 2013.

Sexual dysfunction needs to be taken seriously as it can have far reaching effects. For example, it may be a warning sign for another underlying illness like diabetes, dyslipidemia, cardiac disorder etc. As doctors we donít look at it as a taboo rather we take it as an opportunity to diagnose and prevent illness.

We, as physicians, wish to treat patients as a whole and not in parts. The concept of specialties working in isolation with no connecting windows is now out of table. Todayís health practice demands a group of linked disciplines working together with close interaction. This is only possible through joint meetings and forums. This event is an effort in this direction. In order to achieve this objective, PSASM offers its membership to specialists in different disciplines with interest in sexual medicine. This includes Urologists, Gynecologists, Reproductive health & ART physicians, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Endocrinologists, Dermatologists, General Physicians and basic scientists with interest in sexual medicine.

I believe that our multidisciplinary approach, dedication and continuous effort will enrich us together and we will be able to help our patients better.

Dr. Khaleeq ur Rehman

President PSASM